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Precision machining is the process to remove a material from a workpiece while holding close tolerance finishes. There are many types of precision machining including turning, milling, electric discharge machining and more. The level of tolerance depends on type of machine used, and the aim is to achieve the highest tolerance to the smallest measurable degree.Precision machining is used on a number of materials including steel, bronze, graphite, glass and plastics to name a few. Depending on the size of the project and the materials to be used, various precision machining tools will be used. Milling is predominantly used to create large manufacturing jigs, or to modify large, high precision parts.

At Capricorn Engineering Services, we believe in delivering services to the highest levels of perfection. Precision machining and milling produces a number of objects that we require in our daily life. With Computer Numerically Controlled devices (CNC) and CAD designs, it has become possible to create designs that are precise to dimensions.

At our premises, we house CNC machining equipment that provides the ability to turn and mill components of nearly any size, complexity, and quantity.We make sure that we adhere to the rigorous quality standards of all our customers. The commitment to superior milling manufacturing equipment, backed by the dedication of experienced, committed production professionals is our strength.

Our state-of-the-art precision CNC equipment supports production requirements ranging from single parts to large-scale production runs of a thousand or more pieces. We also have conventional mills and lathes to support operations that are better suited to manual machining. Our fleet of multi-axle lathes is managed by trained and qualified operators.

Precision machining and milling is basically the technique of manufacturing different components on machines. For creation of a shape a combination of milling machines, lathes and other equipment needs to be used. As the machines move on multiple axles, they are able to contour shapes in a variety of metals including stainless, aluminum, brass, titanium and more.

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