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Precision engineered components and assemblies for pharmaceutical and food industries!

Pharmaceutical and food industries are highly regulated industries. They need to meet highest standards of excellence, and no detail can be overlooked for achieving this. These industries are stringently governed by regulatory norms to ensure that quality standards are met for products There is a high requirement for fabrication, precision engineering and other engineering services in these services. We are a leader in the manufacture of customised stainless steel processing equipment of the highest precision and quality. The company’s expertise and experience spans a great breadth of equipment and solutions from small standard installations to large complex customised solutions. The businesses expert design and engineering capabilities have enabled them to deliver some of the most innovative manufacturing solutions for pharmaceutical and food industries.

All of our CNC machines have cross drilling and milling capability and all have sub spindles. This eliminates the need for “secondary operations” meaning the parts coming off fully finished and complete, giving the added benefit of reducing time and cost, but with improved accuracy.

Our services include-

CNC Milling


Surface and Cylindrical Grinding and more

There are many benefits to our precision engineering service, meticulous processes lead to more consistent results. Consistent results increase productivity, reduce waste, minimize time-consumption and therefore increases profit. When there is no room for error you want to be sure that you are in safe hands. We are precision subcontract machinists with a long standing reputation for quality and craftsmanship. Traditional skills blend with modern machining techniques to give an innovative approach to the service we seek to offer our customers.

From assessing your needs, to design and development, right through to installation processes, we can provide you with a complete, quality solution to your requirements. Our experts are always on hand to help and keep you informed of plans, processes and schedules. We create exceptional results both on time and on budget.

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