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Lowest turnaround time with premium 24 hour breakdown services!

In industries using heavy machinery for machining, milling or any other engineering services, dealing with wear, tear and break down of machines is a big task. Worn or broken parts not just affect the performance of a machine, but your overall work schedule. You simply cannot sit and wait for the repair team to come and rectify the problem. You need things to be done fast, so that the processes get back into action as soon as possible.A 24/7 call-out service is the best way to cover unforeseen breakdowns and emergencies. This is where the 24 hours breakdown service by Capricorn Engineering Services comes into picture.

We know how critical time is when you have a requirement to repair or remake worn or broken parts. Your deadline is our deadline. We know how costly downtime can be, so we are available 24 hours a day to help get your production line up and running.

Breakdown situations are our specialty and we are proud of it. These situations are dealt with, with the utmost of urgency and priority. When required we can work 24 hours to satisfy customer demand. We can work to samples or any drawing format and are happy to visit your site and accurately measure components to speed up the turnaround process.

Capricorn Engineering Services will respond to your emergency needs to get your equipment running again in the shortest amount of time as possible. This has been possible with our developed infrastructure, investment in latest technologies and expert team of technicians.Often our breakdown service includes reverse engineering parts, and our vast experience assists us with this task.

Our 24 hour breakdown service is offered whenever possible, we understand the pressures of not having your business running. We try to repair if not replace the worn or broken part in the quickest possible time to get your business back up and operational. Don’t worry! It does not mean we charge high premium rates. Our services are available at the best, pocket-friendly rates.

Minimizing your downtime and improving efficiency is our motto! Call us to know more.

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