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A powered industrial truck used to list and move materials over a short distance, a forklift has a lot of applications in industries. It is also commonly known as fork hoist, lift truck or a fork truck. Revolutionizing the way industries hoist and move heavy and large items, they provide a versatile solution to material handling. But, due to the volume of applications, there are chances that the forklift suffers damage or breakdown. With the importance a forklift holds in a cargo, warehouse or storage facilities, breakdown can hamper your schedule. Trust the experts at Capricorn Engineering Services to handle repair and maintenance of fork lift. We are a manufacturer of forklift parts as well. So no matter what is required to repair your forklift, we have it with us.

Capricorn Engineering Services has the experience you’re looking for and the service plans you need. Our main emphasis is to keep the fleet active and running smoothly. So we keep a stock of accessories and parts required in a forklift. Along with forklift repair, we are equipped to handle all of your general machining needs in-house. Our team consists of highly skilled machinists, engineers and equipment for a range of machining services. Our in house design service allows us to create any bespoke part as per the need. We ensure each part is made in accordance with the appropriate drawing. We only sell parts that meet or exceeds manufacturing standards, so quality and efficiency of the part is never a problem.

At Capricorn Engineering Services, we know that industrial equipment are vulnerable to breakdown. We also know that forklifts are likely crucial to your company’s operation. A down forklift impacts the bottom line in visible, and that too in not-so-visible ways. That’s why we ensure minimum down time with our reliable and professional services. Our team has the necessary training, certification and experience to efficiently diagnose and repair your forklift truck.

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